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Meditation Circles with Revive My Body & The Ki Room

Circles; They are a sacred space for people to come together, forming a community, with the intention of making the participants feel safe, seen, heard, supported, & witnessed in an environment without judgement and expectations. Our intention is to foster authenticity, embrace vulnerability, and provide break through centered sharing and self-reconnection.

In collaboration with Heather LaFontaine from The Ki Room, we have curated a series of circles designed to support individuals on their unique paths of growth and self-discovery. Our offerings include:

  • Career Advancement Strategies
  • Life Purpose Exploration
  • Relationship Enrichment (formerly Marriage)
  • Bridal Showers & Relationship Celebrations
  • Birth & New Baby Blessings
  • Embracing Change and Transition
  • Womb Healing & Awakening
  • Empowerment Workshops
  • Equinox/Solstice Ceremonies for Renewal
  • Cacao Rituals for Heart-Centered Connection
  • Movement for Body – Mind Integration
  • Chakra Healing for Energy Alignment
  • Grounding & Calming Practices for Inner Balance

Each circle provides a nurturing environment for individuals to delve into specific aspects of their lives, fostering growth, connection, and alignment with their deepest truths.

In these circles, you will learn to embrace the art of grounding, calming, and mindfulness and apply these skills in each area of your life. We offer opportunities to explore your potential, identify your blocks, discover what you really want, your purpose, and achieve your desires. Examine the ki’s (keys) necessary to revive your body, mind, and spirit.

Through guided meditation, reiki, and aura cleansing you will prepare your mind, body, and spirit for setting intentions and moving into the next season of your life.

You will learn…

  • Techniques to manage stress, anxiety, & negative beliefs
  • To surrender what no longer serves you
  • How to set intentions to move into the life you want
  • To establish habits that will move you toward your goals
  • Techniques to ground yourself
  • Exercises to calm your mind
  • Skills to build confidence, worth, and authenticity
  • Speak your truth

“In the alchemy of life, where blessing and lessons intertwine, ‘blessons’ emerge as the catalysts for our transformation. They possess the magical power to transmute our adversity into opportunities for growth and grace, illuminating the path of our evolution with profound wisdom and resilience.”

Alex Mcleish-Deuters

“Every scar you carry tells a story of resilience and growth. Honour your journey and celebrate the strength that lies within.”

Heather LaFontaine

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