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Medical Reiki

Medical Reiki is an effective protocol developed by Raven Keyes, an internationally known Reiki Master  teacher, with over 20 years of experience working closely with top medical surgeons, like Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman. The protocol utilizes trained Reiki Masters in operating rooms and hospitals so that every patient undergoing treatments and surgeries benefit from Medical Reiki before, during and after their procedures. Clinical results have shown that patients’ stress is relieved, their pain reduced, their body stays warmer in the OR, and less pain medication is required. The patient is much calmer and the rate of healing is accelerated. The mission of a Medical Reiki Master is to support the patient or the caregiver during difficult health challenges.

Foreword from Dr. Mehmet C. Oz

Susanna was a modern cardiac surgery patient. As an intelligent and motivated user of our health-care system, she had done her homework and visited my office ready to discuss all the subtle aspect of heart surgery. The conversation evolved from the nuances of mitral valve repair into a discussion of the responsibility that patients should bear in helping themselves recover after illness. Susanna was prepared; she had a nutrition game plan, a mind–body approach, and her own energy healer, Raven Keyes.

Susanna had asked me if her personal Reiki master could be present in the operating room to channel healing energy during the surgery. They had already established a very strong and long-lasting relationship and Raven’s résumé was substantial. Yet, on the surface, bringing an energy practitioner to the operating room attacks the foundation of modern medicine, a field that seeks to measure objective benefits from every treatment.

My rationale in examining energy healing as a complement to allopathic medicine requires more space than available in this brief foreword. In my devotion to save the lives of my patients through the powers of modern surgery and medicine, I am also intimately aware that survival is multilayered. Certainly New-Age physics has taught us that we can have two mutually exclusive hypotheses, like particle and wave theory for light transmission, that nevertheless share the truth in describing reality. Although difficult for the medical community at large to accept, an energy worker and a surgeon may be able to assist one another to ensure the “full recovery” of the patient. Organized medicine must help shoulder the responsibility to study these challenging new theories to healing. With

this need in mind, my colleagues and I have supported the establishment of a Complementary Care Center at Columbia University and New York Presbyterian Hospital to assist patients in dealing with the medical challenges before them.

A human life is more than just a physical unit, so understanding illness is often difficult. Unconventional healing techniques can offer promising results, although our ability to appropriately use these therapies is often limited. When a patient prepares for surgery, some may benefit from hypnotherapy, meditation, yoga, and energy healing (Reiki). These tools create a much different experience for the patient, who now feels more in control. Having a sense of power can be comforting to someone who is putting their life into the hands of others while they are under anesthesia.

My gift is surgery. Raven’s gift is energy healing. I passionately focus my whole life and all my attention on performing perfect surgical procedures. Raven “listens” just as whole heartedly to “hear” the patient’s inner life needs. Although we cannot scientifically measure the impact of energy workers, I enjoyed watching the bond between Susanna and Raven help Susanna weather the challenges posed by heart surgery. If done correctly, surgically repairing or replacing a heart prolongs life and improves quality of life. These benefits are tangible and can be measured because they exist in a natural plane. By channeling energy and by providing that same patient with the freedom to address their fears on mental, emotional, and even spiritual levels, healers like Raven believe they can repair or replace inner issues so the patient can enjoy the future. Although scientific measurement of these benefits is not possible, I feel obliged to study her approach and impact. By challenging me to look more deeply into the labyrinth that leads to health, Raven is making me do a better job.

Raven was brave enough to enter the OR. She faced a medical procedure of extreme magnitude without the preparation one normally receives in medical or nursing school. What she brought with her was love for her client and her insights on energy medicine. During the procedure, Raven and I both supported and shared Susanna’s desire to safely navigate through the waters of her most difficult challenge. With her team assembled, Susanna could rest. She could face her surgery, trusting in the knowledge that we were all there with and for her. And Raven had become my partner in the study of the heart.

Dr. Mehmet C. Oz