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Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch is an evidence-based therapy that is used by health professionals. It utilizes universal life force energy to help balance the client’s energy field, facilitate the healing process and promote well being. The belief is that the body can heal itself, and Therapeutic Touch sessions assist people with their own natural healing abilities.


Sessions are 40 to 60 minutes long. The client is fully clothed and the session can occur with the client seated or lying down. There typically is no touching but there can be a light touch, on shoulders, arms and legs. The practitioner starts at the head of the client, making their way down to the feet, about 2-4 inches above the body, noticing energy flow changes. Then, the practitioner moves their hands in a rhythmic fashion to realign the energy field. The end of the session is followed by a 20-30-minute rest time, where the client’s body adjusts to the energy rebalancing.

During the session, the client might experience tingling, heat, cold and energy movement. Falling asleep during the session is very common.

Health Benefits

  • Relaxation
  • Anxiety
  • Pain management
  • Sleep
  • Facilitates the healing process